The best way to manage your classroom.

Quizzes. Everything you want in a quiz system.
Airskul's quiz system is robustly featured to ensure that you can consistently and confidently monitor and measure your students progress. You can create multiple choice quizzes that we mark for you, Open ended quizzes that you can mark, you can re-use quizzes and so much more cool, useful stuff like:

Personalize quizzes:You will be able to create personalized quizzes within 10 seconds. Yes, really. Here's how you will do it. Let's say, you teach Grade 5 Science. Select that you want to give student in Grade 5 a personalized quiz. Set the deadline of the quiz, click on the 'Create a personalized quiz' button and that's it. You're done. This is something you can do while half-asleep. What our system will do is, give each student in that class 5 questions that they have struggled with before. Every student gets a personalized quiz of what they have struggled with before. All within 10 seconds (At the very most). Simple but genius.


Generate quizzes:You have created a quiz about the digestive sytem. Then another about the circulatory system. Then later another about the reproductive system. Now, you want to create a quiz that covers the whole human body with questions from each of the aforementioned quizzes. Do you start creating a whole new quiz??? The answer to that is NO. You will just tell our system the quizzes you want to generate the quiz from, how many questions you want for this new quiz and ummm...that's it. You are done. Again, simple but genius.


Gamification:We've done something unimaginable. We've actually gone ahead and created games which you can reward your students with, when they do something that you approve. So if a student does a behaviour that you like, gift them. If they write an article and you are happy with it, gift them. If you give them a challenge and they do it superbly, gift them. And to show you, that this isn't just empty talk, the following are some of the games we've laboured creating for you and your students. Hextris, run rabbit run, like fruit ninja, fly a plane, build a tower. As you can see, pretty cool games 😊❀️.

Articles. Your very own class blog.
You get your very own class blog.You can write articles. Your students can write them too.(Don't worry, you get to approve every student article before it is posted in your class). Have you just taught a lesson about the digestive system? Challenge one of your student to write an article about how different foods are broken down. Are your students wondering, "Where exactly, I'm I going to use this linear algebra?". Write an article outlining all the places it could be used. You and your students can write about anything and everything you feel is relevant information in the classroom. This is a very cool feature and we hope you use it to the maximum.
Challenges. We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges.
Have you just taught a lesson about the digestive system? Challenge one of your student to write an article about how different foods are broken down. Did you learn about the agrarian revolution two months ago and you feel like your students need a refresher, challenge one of your students to create a quiz about it (Don't worry you get to approve everything before they are posted in your class). Just imagine after every lesson you challenge a student to do something related to that lesson. Like write an article, create a quiz, share related links, upload photos and videos that relate to the lesson, start a discusssion. By the end of the semester/term you'll have so much quality student generated content. We strongly believe that this one simple feature will completely transform your teaching & learning process. Simple but genius.
Recording attendance. Well, it has to be done. We might as well add a bit of fun to it.
You record attendance, we reward you with something cool. A student is recorded as present, we reward them with something cool. It's one of those things that is never fun to do. But that does not mean we cannot add some bit of fun into it. We are also going to ensure you have the most detailed analytics of each students attendance (We know every self-respecting learning management system has this), but we can assure you that ours is...better. Hoping from now on, you will have a lovely time recording attendance 😜.
Leaderboards. Who doesn't like seeing their name on the top of a list.
Which student has asked the most questions in your class? Who has answered the least or haven't answered at all. Which student has the best recorded behaviour? Which one has written the most articles? Which one is performing well over the last month? Which one is struggling? This and so many questions undoubtedly linger in your head. Well, our job is to answer them. And with leaderboards and beautiful charts and graphs, we do answer these questions quite comprehensively.
Behaviour management. Both good and the not so good.
A student is being helpful to their classmates, record that. We will reward positive actions with some really cool rewards. Is a student being disrespectful? Record that, maybe add in a comment to elaborate on the behaviour. The parents will be able to view their students (And only their student) behaviour. We will also create a behaviour leaderboard for you, to show you how each student has been behaving in your class. Some beautiful charts and graphs too will give you in amazing detail how your students are behaving.
Share links & YouTube videos. A safe place to store all those great relevant resources from the internet.
The internet has sooooo much resources that can definetely help in a classroom. The problem is, if you do not bookmark that resource, it will get lost and you will have to spend soo much time looking for it again. So, we've decided to give you a safe place to save that resource. Find a relevant YouTube video, just copy the link and it'll be shared to the class and safely stored for future reference. Your students can share this stuff too. It's their job too, to find resourceful, relevant stuff. And we reward them, everytime they do so.Don't worry, you get to approve every single thing before they are posted in your class.
Gradebook. Upload the marks, we'll deal with the analytics.
Just add the marks that your students have garnered and we will deal with the rest. Who has improved from the last exam? Do you want to see how many times a student has got the lowest mark? Do you want to see a chart that details how many students are doing amazing, those that are doing just okay and those that are struggling? Do you want to see the overall perfomance of all the exams, they have ever done? Well, your work is to upload the marks. Ours is to answer these questions and other many questions like these.
Announcements. Sometimes you just have something to say.
Are you not going to be available for tomorrow's lesson and you need students to do a bit of research on a certin topic? Have you noticed something that you feel should be addressed? Whatever you have to say, you can with announcements in Airskul.
Upload files. Photos, videos, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheeets e.t.c.
Whether you need students to upload a video showing them doing an experiment, a powerpoint presentation you challenged them to do, whether it's photos that you took on a recent field trip. Airskul has got you covered. You can upload all these to your classes. And we store this for you, for free. So if it is relevant to your classroom, do not hesitate to upload it.
Discussions. No one has the answer to everything.
If your students have a question, they can ask it and have the rest of the class contribute. If you have a question, you can ask it too. You can mark the student's answers as creative, well-researched and if that answer is the best answer, ypu can mark it as your choice. Everytime a student's answer is marked as creative, well-researched or instructors choice, we reward them with something, they will like 😊❀️.
Search. For anything and everything.
A student, a question that was asked two day ago, a quiz that you created three years ago and you now want to re-use it. Our search system is vastly superior. You do not even have to write the full name you are searching for. You want to search for Sebastian, just write Seb and we'll do the rest. This is one of the best search systems on any website. It's phenomenal.